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     #IamBellevue  What does it mean to be a part of Bellevue?  Our city is a place where we can all thrive.  Our diversity is our strength.  A majority of Bellevue is of minority descent.  As a Mexican American, I appreciate the opportunities Bellevue provides. 

     I earned my first degree at Bellevue College, leading to a UW Psychology degree studying mindfulness techniques to prevent addiction relapse.  I’ll bring that compassionate perspective to the Council, finding nuanced solutions to complex challenges.  My graduate training in business and finance will be useful in managing growth, planning for traffic solutions, and increasing government transparency and community involvement.

     I raised my wonderful step-children here and will preserve and enhance what Bellevue offers families.  I started my investment company in Bellevue, and my personal passion is teaching Entrepreneurship to the next generation.

     I currently serve as a Bellevue Civil Service Commissioner for our fantastic police and fire departments. I will focus on developing Bellevue into an innovation and entrepreneurship powerhouse, without sacrificing our neighborhood quality of life.  A vote for me is a vote for our future.  A vote for someone who will truly listen.  Let’s vote for change, Bellevue.  I am here to serve you.

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