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Innovate our Energy infrastructure:  PSE is a 100% foreign owned corporation whose interests are not aligned with ours as ratepayers.  We pay increasing rates, and yet they only rank in the bottom 25% for reliability.  The company consistently disregards Bellevue neighborhood concerns about Energize Eastside, when there are better technology solutions to upgrade our grid than cutting down thousands of trees and installing unnecessary transmission lines on top of a petroleum pipeline running through Bellevue that could prove to be a public safety hazard.  I will support improving outcomes for our neighborhoods, or exploring alternatives to PSE.  It may be time for a Public Utility District that we, the residents, own and operate.  Why pay hundreds of millions in investment returns to foreign owners, when it is our own utility system?  We can be a beacon of energy and clean tech innovation for the country, and not have to ask permission to do so.

Public Safety

Innovate Public Safety:  As a Bellevue Civil Service Commissioner, I see first hand the great work done by our police and fire departments.  As we move forward to tackle many of the challenges that Seattle is currently facing, such as the opioid crisis, homelessness, and overnight shelter locations in Bellevue, I will support seeking innovative solutions that balance the needs of those less fortunate with the reasonable concerns of our single family neighborhoods.  In addition, I'll continue to support the balance of developing the areas of our city scheduled for higher density, while preserving the "city in the park", safe and clean experience of our neighborhoods.


Innovate Resident Engagement:  We are a very diverse city, and the Bellevue "way" has always included consensus building, not partisan divides over issues.  We need City Council members who will meaningfully engage with the residents, not shut down dialog.  As a minority descent individual myself, I understand the great need for a listening ear, and pledge to be a Council member who will regularly engage with the neighborhood residents of our great city.  I pledge to hold monthly meetings with individual or small groups in a different neighborhood every month to ensure I understand the diverse needs of our city.